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Who are we and what are we doing?

InCase Handelsgesellschaft mbH, based in Essen, was founded in 2003 by Joachim Hendrichs. Today the company is one of the leading trading companies in the beauty segment with over 5,000 products and more than 30 million items sold. The focus is on the hair, beauty, accessories and luggage divisions. The InCase brands Guilia, Giannini, Pfeilring, CEKA and Oakland are present throughout Europe. More than 35 major customers in 28 countries trust in our innovative strength.

We stand for millions of beauty and lifestyle products sold that make the lives of our customers more beautiful. We are one of the most successful providers in Europe and develop lifestyle collections with passion and fun. We have our finger on the pulse and enthusiastically create living environments that we enjoy ourselves.



We pride ourselves on creating a livable work environment. We welcome everyone who wants to contribute equally and perform successfully.


Our employees are the reason for our success


InCase, that's more than 90 employees, even more different life models and plans, many different cultures, dreams and wishes. Despite all the diversity, one thing unites us: We are all trendsetters and driving forces in the retail industry, we are innovative, creative and high-performing. Together we are successful!



Category Manager Beauty

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I think it's great that my job is varied and I can express myself creatively. As category manager for beauty accessories, I am in constant contact with our suppliers in the Far East, which I find very interesting. In this job, I constantly think outside the box and can develop further. We have flat hierarchies and we all work more as a team than as individuals. When things get stressful, we stick together and develop solutions together. That's why I feel completely comfortable at work.




Category Management Assistant

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What I particularly like about InCase is that my job in category management is varied and I have to master innovative and responsible projects and tasks. It is and remains exciting.




Category Management Assistant

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I find it very motivating that my areas of responsibility are relatively diverse and varied. We have our finger on the pulse and exciting tasks are constantly being added. Overall, I feel very comfortable in the company. The we-feeling is in the foreground. We grow together.




Graphic & Web Design

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My work as a graphic designer at InCase is very versatile and varied. I always work with many colleagues on a wide variety of projects and can live out my creativity. Every day is different, I like that a lot. Another plus point is the flexibility of my workplace. This means I can work from anywhere at any time – a big advantage, especially with children.




Disposition | Supply Chain Management

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Working with my colleagues is great. Even in stressful times, we look for and find a way together that is bearable for everyone involved. I find the cross-team work particularly enriching.




Category Manager Hair & Beauty

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I am one of the older employees and have been working at InCase since 2008. It was and is very exciting for me to observe the growth of the company and to actively participate in it. I really enjoy being able to create and control the new collections. I have the opportunity to realize my own ideas, which makes my job a calling. By providing a company car, job cell phone and laptop, I can organize my work flexibly. Even in very stressful times I feel at home  in the big InCase family.




Internal Sales Manager | IT Project Manager

Working independently is great. I can strongly shape the process design, contribute my own experience and continue to optimize projects with my specialist knowledge. The company is growing fast and we have the opportunity here to take on a lot of responsibility and to make a career.


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Import & Logistics Manager

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I've been with the company for over 10 years. I find it exciting that there are always different challenges in the area of import and logistics. Because you have to be flexible about new tasks and subject areas, the work never gets boring. Overall, I like the collegial team spirit here and I feel comfortable at work.




Head of Category Management

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As Head of Category Management, I work closely with my team. We align the ranges and promotions to customer needs and maintain close contact with our customers. This requires creative product developments and elaborations, where I can always rely on my team. It's nice to lead the team, to tackle daily problems together and to work out solutions. Of course there are many stressful situations, but I really like the variety. We have a great team spirit and I enjoy working with all of the employees.


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Financial Director

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The original month of getting to know each other has developed into a job affiliation of more than a decade! I personally identify myself with the company and primarily appreciate the flat hierarchies and the close contact between the management and the employees. Every day is a day with new tasks. I enjoy a high degree of trust, can work independently and develop freely.




CEO/General Manager

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In 2003 we founded InCase. Today the company is one of the leading retail companies in the beauty segment. We mainly owe this growth to our employees! I work with many exciting and interesting personalities. Our team is not only technically top-notch, but also puts its heart and soul into it. We all redesign the success of Incase every day - I'm particularly proud of that.

Joachim Hendrichs

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Join us! This is an invitation to you to enrich your everyday life and make the world a little more beautiful.

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