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From hand to toe

Important tools for healthy nail care made of high-quality stainless steel. Nail files, scissors, clippers or skin pushers belong in every bathroom.


With us you can choose between two divisions : We offer strong series from the Far East that score with trendy details and innovative designs. Or are you looking for more classic models made in Germany? Then we can recommend high-quality instruments with a guarantee of origin from our partner company in Solingen.

Brand new we also offer steel goods with a nickel-free surface.

Maniküre Pediküre

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We are scissors professionals. With us you can choose between top-selling series from the Far East or classic models made in Germany. Thanks to our partner company in Solingen, we can supply you with high-quality instruments with a guarantee of origin.

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The parallel wedge blades ensure a clean, smooth cutting edge. Our stable and durable clippers are suitable for both toenails and fingernails and can be used with both hands. Just snap and you're done.

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Whether sapphire file, glass file or sandpaper file - these tools are indispensable. At InCase we offer you files and polishers in a wide range of materials, shapes and designs. Ask us about the model you want.

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Our tweezers are ideal for precision work. Whether cranked, pointed, slanted or with a straight head - all tweezers are ground by hand and precisely aligned. Put together your desired assortment (from the Far East or Solingen).



They clean nail edges, skin pores or hard-to-reach places: our special instruments. Depending on the surface, the devices are rustproof, sterilizable and hypoallergenic. Manufactured to high quality standards.

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Our massive pliers take on any type of nail. We at InCase offer you series from the Far East as well as bestsellers made in Solingen, which come from our partner company. Simply ask for the pliers you want.

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With these instruments you can bring the luxury treatment directly to your home. Our 24 carat gold-plated utensils stand for pure exclusivity. The fine gold plating and first-class workmanship satisfy the highest quality standards.



Stainless steel instruments always fit. The tools are hypoallergenic and can be sterilized, which is why they are considered true all-rounders. With us you will find almost all manicure tools in stainless quality. Simply ask for your desired Inox model - from Solingen or Asia.

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These instruments are coated with a nickel-free finish. The shiny silver coating is robust, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. They are ideal tools for allergy sufferers or sensitive people. The process was registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office as a utility model.

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Baby skin is particularly sensitive. Our special cases for babies and toddlers not only look cute, but also convince with hypoallergenic instruments. You can work safely and fearlessly with the scissors and nail files.



InCase has tools for real guys. Our cases convince with indispensable helpers that men simply need on the go. Clippers, tongs or beard scissors have their place here. Let us know what you want – we will deliver.



High-quality cases are the perfect gift - for young and old and for all occasions! Put together your desired nail case easily and choose between the different materials (leather or textile), the size and the individual equipment.

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Please contact us for further information.

Thanks very much! We will do our best to process your request as quickly as possible and will get back to you.

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