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We pride ourselves on creating a livable work environment. We welcome everyone who wants to contribute equally and perform successfully. The respective nationality, ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation or marital status play no role for us. We pay attention to respectful cooperation at eye level and believe that a diverse and high-performing working environment is the key to success.



We are a creative and open company. We maintain a respectful, fair and pleasant interaction with each other and enjoy what we do. We treat all people with respect, distance ourselves from any kind of degradation and ensure a work atmosphere worth living in even in stressful times. We encourage openness, respect and dialogue among our employees. With us, everyone can voice their opinion. We have summarized the ethical principles in a code. This mission statement specifies how we want to deal with each other and with customers, service providers, suppliers and society as a whole.

You are also welcome to read our Code of Conduct.


We are convinced that in an increasingly networked world, people are moving closer together. At Incase, we therefore support a holistic approach to variety, diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion. We promote commonalities, regardless of appearance, ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, world view, age or sexual identity. For us, diversity means understanding the diversity, variety and diversity of our workforce as the key to success. By valuing the individual characteristics and competencies, personal attitudes, cultural backgrounds or identities of our employees, we want to create an inclusive and fair working environment for all of us.



Since 2020, our management has consisted of a woman and a man. Expanding the company is one of the core tasks of the company management. That is why we value and encourage women and men in management positions and consciously delegate responsibility. We motivate all of our employees to define their professional goals and personal perspectives and to develop them together with us.


Learn more about it in our brochure!

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For our efforts, we have been accepted as an official member of the UN initiative Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP). The listed participants undertake to further promote gender equality and to significantly strengthen the role of women in the workplace. We are pleased to have been included in the group of successful companies by the UN!


Find out more on the UN website.

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